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Lovelee Occasions & Etc. is a virtual assistant agency who specializes in Operations and "team in a box". As a virtual assistant we serve entrepreneurs, creatives, coaches, CEOs, and business owners streamline their business remotely giving them more of their time back to scale their business. As an entrepreneur our mission is to empower the dreamers and visionaries of the world to continue making a greater impact on the world by providing the support that they need to continue what they do best!

We are a team made up of a diverse set of entrepreneurs who specialize in Project Management and Online business management as well as copywriting, graphic design and many other premium skill sets and certifications. We provide value through leveraging all of our strengths of our skills with honesty, transparency, and integrity--sprinkled with fun and humanity.


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Manages and oversees the business from a macro level to assist in maintaining the CEOs vision.  OBM is responsible for the management of processes, systems, and team to ensure progress towards the bigger picture of the business goals.


Starting at $80/hr. 

*Minimum 10 hour a month retainer w/ 3-month min commitment


Project Manager manages laying out plans and managing projects through to completion. This includes timelines and all moving parts to the projects.


Starting at $45/hr

*Minimum 10 hour a month retainer w/ 3-month min commitment


A Launch manager is responsible for setting strategy, planning, managing email campaigns and overseeing execution of all moving parts to a campaign, program, or product launch.


Starting at $1500 per launch

*8-week minimum lead time


Set up workshops for groups or leaders of your business.
This includes swag bags, workbooks, and can be customized to your particular needs

       Starting at $1200 per workshop


Recruiting for your business to grow your team. Don’t know where to look and then having to take up time for interviews and vetting. We can do that for you.
       Starting at $1200 per month


Documenting your processes throughout your business.

        $350 per 10 SOPs or processes


Owner of Slumberland Child Care Center 

"A very good visionary. Captured the essence of our business. We would recommend your talents and skills to anyone needing visionary help."

"I HIGHLY recommend her services. She was amazing at organizing, planning, and really any task she was presented with. She was a joy to work with and really has a keen eye for the little details, that often end up meaning the most!!!"

"Top class performance by Lovelee. As her name denotes she is a lovely person. Great work with keen attention and amazing knowledge."

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