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8 Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs You Should Look For When Building Your Team

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Building your team is one of the most important tasks you’ll ever do as a business owner. Hiring just anyone isn’t enough. You need to look for certain traits in people that will help them excel at their job and reflect the vision you have for the future of your company. Here are eight common traits of successful entrepreneurs you should look for when building your team.

How do they stand out:

Does the job candidate have any extra skills that other candidates or current team members don’t have? This is the characteristic of an applicant who could be your changer. They will differentiate your business from your competitors.

Are they pro-active:

Inquire if the job candidate has ever implemented a system in the previous employment or even in their own business. You would also want to know how they handled their failures. Some people see a world full of possibilities and abundance and others see limitations and scarcity. What one would you want to hire?

Are they a quick learner:

It may hurt your business more to hire a job candidate that does not possess the basic skills of your business. When building your business you may have team members cross-train. You would want to make sure that the job candidate has the basics as well as another team member to help guide them to success.

Make your business more desirable:

You always want to stand out above your competition. Job candidates should possess skills that will make your business stand out in your niche.

Can think on their feet:

No business owner wants a team member to be disrespectful to clients or give your brand a bad name. Test your job candidates to see how they would handle a customer service situation. If they do not possess common sense or good critical judgment you may not want to have them onto your team.

Are they teachable:

If your business does not change as the business world changes your business will get left behind. A job candidate should always possess the desire to grow and learn. Having a suggestion form or box for team members will always let you know who is thinking of your business. Good or bad suggestions should always be welcome.

Do they show integrity:

Team members within your organization will not trust an employee who lacks integrity and ethics. It would not matter the great results an individual has achieved in previous employment. This likely would put a little stress on your team’s production.

Motivates the team:

If the position is not a formal leadership position, the job candidate should still have leadership potential. Each team member has different skills sets. When another team member is not as strong the “expertise” team member would be lead for the task/project.

There’s no such thing as a lone entrepreneur. Successful entrepreneurs always have help. And entrepreneurship is not something they do on their own; it's something they do with others.

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