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Do you need to promote Black Friday?

Advertising on Black Friday is easy. A little online research, some creative copywriting, and a little elbow grease are all you need to get results. Sites are universally known for creating low-cost, high click-through ad campaigns (Kijiji, Craigslist, etc.).

Black Friday is the time of year when retailers typically drop their prices. Retailers need an extra dollar that they can turn into massive profits. Unfortunately for many retailers, Black Friday is also the time that consumers snap up cheap items. Anticipating the surge in shopping once Black Friday hits, many retailers place huge discounts on their Black Friday ad campaigns hoping to get that sweet, juicy hit.

“Turn the shopping cart into the sales line.” This advice is as old as marketing itself, and if you're not already jumping up and down and screaming your head off about the irresistible power of Black Friday you should definitely be, in fact, you should be out there spreading the word. There's such a good reason why we live in a society where people shop in the cold and where people shop online. People are paralyzed by comparison and unable to take any actions moving forward.

Consider the potential search volume. You paid $19.95 total for your ad

campaign. Given today's search volume, it's very unlikely that you'll be able to attract 100% of that traffic at a single click. Many of the retail sites that advertise on Black Friday opt for Sunday and Monday campaigns to limit the reach of their ads during the weekend. Simplify your copywriting. A single ad aimed at Black Friday shoppers does not appeal to a crowd of people who literally looked at your ad for 30 seconds and, before deciding whether or not they'd buy it or not, made a decision. Buy now for Black Friday campaigns argue that the ads must be targeted towards unhappy shoppers, so the purchase seems inevitable and unassailable.

However, most retail websites do not have the luxury of selling on Amazon overnight, so writing a single ad campaign that appeals to searchers the moment they click the ad is not going to mean much in the long run. Consider the conversion rates of a search-based ad versus that of a... well... search-based ad. Software and web applications companies have been using search-based advertising for years and converting well, whereas e-commerce websites have had to wait patiently for the search-based ads to trickle down to their customers with little or no external validation.

So to answer the question, YES you should promote for Black Friday.

LO&E will be launching our 1st course on Black Friday!! Checkout our social media for any updates.

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