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Virtual Assistants, virtually doing anything!

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Are you aware of all the things a virtual assistants can do for your company?

It can be very overwhelming to make sure that everything is being completed in a business. You may have an increase in projects but you may not be at the point to hire additional staff. A Virtual Assistant can often be the answer to your problems! Outsource the work that you are needing done on a case by case basis, so you can continue to focus and grow your business. So what exactly can you outsource to a virtual assistance? Here are just some simple tips:

  • Write and/or schedule newletters or general emails

  • schedule clients, set up calendar and handle cancelations

  • Set up and send out client contracts

  • Create graphics

  • Edit videos

  • Answer customer service emails

  • Set up webinars, funnels, and/or loading pages.

  • Proofread slide decks, emails, landing pages and all other copy

  • Send client invoices

  • Answering inquiries on Business Facebook pages

  • Manage your social media accounts

  • Maintain email inbox

  • Send email list

  • Schedule calls/interviews/consults

  • Create and manage spreadsheets

  • Organize Dropbox/Google Drive

  • Prepare Online Meeting Minutes

  • Data Entry in documents

  • Create slides for presentations

  • Training of new virtual staff

  • Personal errands (making purchases online)

  • Create and/or Manage your website

  • Write blogs for your company

  • Launch social media ads

  • Prepare training material

  • Business event planning

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Social media marketing

There are so many options with a virtual assistant. Help get some of those task off of your plate and contact a virtual assistant today!

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