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Why offer Virtual Training 🤔

What exactly is virtual training?

Well, it is a great option for small businesses to set up training programs quickly and easily without having to set up an in-person or classroom program from scratch. It is an excellent way for businesses to satisfy the demand for on-demand learning without having to build out an entire training department.

Why Virtual Training Works

Virtual training is an effective solution for small businesses because many different routes to business training exist, and some of them are better than others. When a small business needs to begin optimizing its workforce to position it for growth in the future, one of the first places that businesses often fail to take advantage of is virtual learning. The divide can be seen in the difficulty small businesses have in retraining individuals who are unemployed or give up on their attempt to find work after having a job. Many fail to use virtual learning as part of their re-training efforts because it requires high costs, and it can even be risky for businesses because they may not have enough data about their employees to create actionable lessons or results.

However, businesses that do take advantage of virtual learning want to avoid the traps that decentralized learning offerings can sometimes fall into. First, the small business should determine if virtual training is right for it. What is the mission, vision, or value proposition for your business? What unique skills do you want to attract and retain in your workforce? What is the impact of your training on your culture and members? If the answers to these questions don’t answer themselves, the next step is to engage professionals in an internal survey. Wait — what?!? An internal survey for a virtual training solution? Nope, some organizations choose to engage vendors to answer this question for them. An internal survey is specific to your organization and offers you direction on which virtual training platform to use. If you have questions about the response rates of survey takers or how long successful surveys take, take a look at the requirements section of your virtual training provider’s website. Next, some businesses will have an integrated solution, meaning they have already taken the time to build out a solution and have data to back up their strategy. The third and final option is for businesses that wants to complete a direct integration program.

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