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Thinking of starting your Virtual Assistant Career?


A virtual assistant: an independent contractor who provides professional services with administrative, technical tasks, creative, or operational while working remotely: "Skilled virtual assistants enable businesses to manage crucial tasks remotely and close staffing gaps"


You have skills right where you are now! Someone needs your skills and the value that you will bring to their business right where you are at and pay you for it while working remotely!


In the LO&E Academy we want to help you reach your financial goals by helping you have a thriving virtual assistant career! Check out our webinar on how to reach financial freedom with being a Virtual assistant.

No matter where you are in your journey, Lovelee is ready to help you not just create a hobby but a sustainable business. If you need a community full of support to help you continue on your journey join the Virtual Assistant Lounge where you have resources, Live Q&A calls, Training, and goal setting sessions every single month for just $27 a month or $300 a month.

Do you just want to do a 1:1 for intensive time to figure out your pricing or work on your portfolio or any focus point that you want to dive in and get it out of the way? We have intensives or VIP days for $300 for 2 hours that you are able to split up or schedule in one setting.

Then there is our signature program, the Virtual Assistant Training Academy.  This program is a certification that combines community, a course and coaching.  It is a six-month program that will take you from the very beginning of building a strong foundation to your thriving booked out virtual assistant career!


Our program is different because once you successfully complete the certification then you will be placed in our matching program with our business partners from “team in a box” to help build out teams.  We are strategically placed as a VA agency who specializes in operations to source, know and recruit high achieving virtual assistants with a wide range of skills to build teams! We want that to be you! 


“I know you don’t know me but I was so lost about giving up before I started. & your training just helped me soooo much!”

Sasha Jaide

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Untitled design (3).png

“(LO&E training) has been very helpful to me, very informative and answered questions I have had in my mind for sometime.” 

Jodian Hall

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