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“They” told you to scale your business you needed a team.  Did they leave out that if you don’t have an effective team that your business can actually lose money or even fall apart? Does your team move across the finish line as one?


Does everyone have a clear understanding of their role and how it affects the whole team and the company?


Does everyone know the protocols and systems easily? Do you have projects dropping or not meeting deadlines due to unclear expectations or more assuming then clear protocols and communications?


To have an effective team you need the right skill sets and temperaments in the right roles, you need to have effective communications and the right systems in place.


If these things are present, it can be hard to grow your business and now all your time may be spent trying to hold your team together instead of expanding your business. 

Team is often one of our biggest expenses too! Who wants all of that here at LO&E we do Team in a box everything for your team from building it out to managing/operating and optimizing for you!

Step 1: Free Webinar: so, you can have all your questions answered.

Step 2: BluePrint Kit

  • Kick off consultation call 

  • Business audit

  • We will review structure of business.

    • Statistics

      • Lead generation

      • Lead retention

      • Lead Conversion

      • Lead Ascension

  • After audit consultation call 

  • Template with timeline and customized implementation of next step for your effective team in YOUR business.





Step 3: Implementation of your Blueprint Kit

Including a membership group for onboarding, continued training, and management of your team.






Investors who what to build a new and current Virtual Assistant Agency completely ran for them in this new digital age

Seasoned CEO’s whose virtual teams are not running efficiently for one reason or another and need a complete revamp on autopilot so they can expand their business.


Who Is This Not For?

A business that has some foundation but just needs some tweaks or little improvements. Please see other services offered as an agency.


This is a digital franchise model where everything from onboarding processes and templates to business models and structures will be provided and customized to your business needs.  This is a big investment, and we would recommend that a company has been in business for at least 5 years. Please see other services that we do offer as a Virtual Assistant Agency in operations for other options as well. 

Who Is This For?

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Lovelee Brooks who is my OBM and go-to for all things team. She is a long-time OPs & HR goddess and has been a godsend to me in helping to build the next chapter of my circle here at Move The Crowd. -Rha Goddess, CEO Move the Crowd.

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